POINT ABOAD EDUCATION DEVELOPMENT SOCIETY (PAEDS) started its journey in 2006 as a registered non-profitable organization. Points Abode Education Development Society (PAIDS) Ensure education for all, including education, adult education, night education, human rights and fundamental rights, women’s development, street children and the elderly, safeguarding women and children from cyber crime, cyber harrange, cyber Working and working for the development and promotion of stocking and good governance. We are making people aware of this.
In order to establish fair justice in society, including the struggle against social injustice, all the people have committed their commitment. Apart from this, we are specially committed to provide legal support to any gender, nation and caste people of Bangladesh, helpless, destitute and minority communities.

It is to be noted that in order to ensure the accountability and accountability of the authorities due to negligence of the citizens, illegal detention of citizens and the loss of fundamental rights, and to ensure the liberation of the authorities in any court and to increase the law and social rights through harassment, discrimination and exemption, Commitment to all the people of all the profession.

Our main concerns relate to people suffering from discrimination and whose voices are lost amongst the indiscrimination of society.

It promotes study and research in various fields of work in order to develop a sound & comprehensive strategy for implementation of Human Rights.