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POINT ABODE  EDUCATION DEVELOPMENT SOCIETY  (PAEDS) started its journey in 2006 as a registered non-profitable organization. Points Abode Education Development Society (PAEDS) Ensure education for all, including education, adult education, night education, human rights and fundamental rights, women’s development, street children and the elderly, safeguarding women and children from cyber crime, cyber harrange, cyber Working and working for the development and promotion of stocking and good governance. We are making people aware of this.
In order to establish fair justice in society, including the struggle against social injustice, all the people have committed their commitment. Apart from this, we are specially committed to provide legal support to any gender, nation and caste people of Bangladesh, helpless, destitute and minority communities.

It is to be noted that in order to ensure the accountability and accountability of the authorities due to negligence of the citizens, illegal detention of citizens and the loss of fundamental rights, and to ensure the liberation of the authorities in any court and to increase the law and social rights through harassment, discrimination and exemption, Commitment to all the people of all the profession.

Our main concerns relate to people suffering from discrimination and whose voices are lost among-st the in discrimination of society.

It promotes study and research in various fields of work in order to develop a sound & comprehensive strategy for implementation of Human Rights.


We are a non-profit/ international organization working various local and international organizations to fight the growing adversity in society and injustice impeding the development of the country. Our head office is in Bangladesh and we plan to operate sub-branches throughout South-Asia to aid our goal of alleviating poverty and hunger. PAEDS’s primary goal is the promotion of human rights amongst the masses of the society. Ever since the enactment and use of Human Rights by the countries all over the world there has been drastic changes in matters relating to voicing out opinions, job opportunities, education facilities, diet, voicing out opinions and even war. We as an organization are striving to make people know of their basic rights which have been acknowledged by Bangladesh like all the other States of the world. Through the application and promotion of human rights the society can usher in a new era of peace and prosperity, free from all the constraints binding them in achieving their desired goals. PAEDS  members also engage in discussing issues relating to any fundamental breach of human rights and try to act in a way that the situation may be rectified or maintain a status quo, whichever is possible.

what we do

We aim to help at an individual level so that we can make people’s life better. We believe helping those who can help themselves would enable us to make a better world and nourish a better understanding amongst all. PAEDS also provides legal aid, advice and representation across a range of areas, including civil, criminal, family, labor and land law, as well as on constitutional rights and remedies, providing access to judicial remedies alongside alternative dispute resolution wherever appropriate. Alongside such individual pro Bono & legal aid works, PAEDS undertakes strategic litigation, or public interest litigation, as a key part of its advocacy for law and policy reforms to ensure effective legal protection of rights.

About 13 years Voluntarily Service for Human Rights POINT ABOAD EDUCATION DEVELOPMENT SOCIETY (PAEDS) is the human rights Organization in Bangladesh. Above 50 thousand Volunteer Humanities People Service in Bangladesh and aboard. This Organization  Government Registration No. S-6123. It provides EDUCATION FOR ALL specially street children and adults education, free legal aid rights Service to the people of Bangladesh and aboard, save/protect women from online harassment,cyber criminal/terrorist. This Organization serves the welfare of Poor, Destitute, Helpless people of the Bangladesh and the world. This Non Political Non Profitable Voluntary Organization for poor ding leading help, food, education, Children, Old Home, Desirable Persons on the other hand Free legal aid project by whole of Bangladesh this organization has executive Committee, Divisional, District, City Corporation, Municipal, Police Station, Union Perished Committee Service legal aid with his penal lawyers on the other hand Trained for Member Human rights upgrade.


  1. To protect and promote human rights of the disempowered and disadvantaged people through community activism and social mobilization, capacity building, legal services, advocacy and policy intervention by using rights based approach that encompasses the principles of human rights, equality, equity, secularism, rule of law, social justice and democracy.
  2. To ensure street boys-girls and adults people education making school/night school/coaching and save/protect underprivileged women from cyber terrorist/criminal, online harassment and cyber stalking
  3. To provides pro bono legal services, engages in advocacy, blood donation campaign, conducts legal and cyber awareness programmers and participates in campaigns.
  4. Furthermore the organization continuously supports the poor and disadvantaged people specially women and children by various online awareness programmers which about cyber crime/ criminal.

PAEDS is a network of education and public health researchers in bangladesh which also works with several associates collaborators and contributors.  PAEDS is funded by the contributions from the Bangladesh general people.

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